Our Little Bit of History

Stanwix, the area in which the Cumbria Park now sits was originally known as the ‘Petriana’ which was the largest Roman fort on Hadrians wall.  The fort is understood to have been established to guard the Eden bridgehead and watch the important western route to and from Scotland.

“It is believed that the City of Carlisle had its origins around the year AD82 which makes it one of Britains oldest cities’”

Because of the size of the fort, it is agreed to have housed a Calvary regiment, one thousand strong.  This was almost certainly the ‘Ala’ Petriana, the sole regiment of this size on the wall.  This was a distinguished auxiliary regiment, whose soldiers had been made Roman citizens for valor on the field of battle.

During organized excavation work undertaken by the Carlisle archeological unit in June 1984 a section of the outer wall of the Roman fort was found.  It was established that the Northern wall ran right through the hotels rear car park.  Whilst the business was unable to leave the excavation open, markers can be found in the car park along side further information.  Many photos of the original dig can also be viewed in the hotel.