We’re an independent family business that have been in the industry collectively for over 20 years.  Dean and Brian Barnes, a father and son partnership, successfully took their first business, which was a small bed and breakfast in the Cotswold’s and developed it into an award winning venue which became a leading Wedding and Conference provider within the area.  Following the success experienced in the Cotswold’s the duo wanted to take on a further challenge and an opportunity presented itself in the Lake District.  What was initially a ‘tired’ mansion designed and built by the famous Robert Fell in1787 was carefully restored and developed into a thriving and successful town house hotel.

With a growing entrepreneurial taste for the hospitality industry, Dean Barnes leads the family’s latest project.


Our Company mission statement comes second.

In the first place, there is a vision – a dream. It’s where we want to go, what we want to be, why we want to exist there and lastly when were going to get there. It’s perfectly appropriate for our dream to be unattainable, to be just out of reach. It’s what we reach for.

“It is the ‘vision statement’ of Cumbria Park Enterprises Ltd to be a prominent operator within the midmarket hotel sector throughout the UK within the next 20 years, providing guests with the highest quality of service within the confines of a strict budget.”

J.Bal – Operations Director – 2013


To provide outstanding hospitality services and quality accommodation to our valued guests, we shall carry out our vision through our commitment to our core values:

CPE Ltd has the goal of surpassing customer expectations with:

Friendly, helpful, caring, knowledgeable and well-trained team members

Clean facilities that are expertly maintained and regularly upgraded

Numerous amenities

A safe, secure and comfortable environment

A guarantee of satisfaction

CPE Ltd focuses on continual progression through:

Aggressively seeking information about new customer needs and responding with corresponding changes in our hotels’ operations

Understanding current and future trends in our industry and community

Exploring, creating and implementing opportunities for development, expansion, marketing exposure and change

Managing safety and risk

At CPE Ltd we value our team members and express such to them by:

Recognizing their accomplishments

Encouraging everyone to accept responsibility and succeed

Supporting continual education, training and community involvement

Maintaining a safe, secure and comfortable environment

Building working relationships based on honesty, trust and respect

Dedication to these pursuits will ensure financial success and growth opportunities for our company and team members.