Wedding Breakfast

Served in the Petriana suite, accessed from the hotel lounge and bar this is one of our largest suites and accommodates up to 100 guests.

From the menu selector you should choose one starter, one main course and one dessert for all guests. An additional choice can be made available for vegetarians/vegans and any special dietary requirements will also be accommodated when advised in advance. A fish and/or sorbet course can be added as and additional course if require at an additional charge (see optional extras).

Children over 10 years of age will be served an adult sized portion of your chosen meal and children under 10 years of age and over 2 years of age will be served a child sized portion and will be charged at half the adult price. Children under 2 years of age will not be catered for unless we are specifically requested to do so – a limited number of highchairs are available free of charge.

All meal prices are based on minimum numbers and these should be agreed at the time of booking.

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